Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Poem by P.R. McDowell


Heart in a vice grip.
Soul broke from longing.

Voice cracked by emotion of words of love no longer allowed to be spoken.
Laid out cold,
With no one to calm tears.

Heart on sleeve,
And never truly heard.

P.R. McDowell is a writer of poetry, scripts and generally anything which sparks his creativity. Since late 2006 he has begun to be known for his writing. During 2008/2009 he had poems published on the online gallery Sometimes When I Wake At Night, where he was a featured artist.
He began performing poetry at the Freed Up! poetry night which was done monthly at the now closed Greenroom in Manchester & hosted by Dominic Berry and Steve O'Connor, where along with other long time regular performers there, he became known as a Freed Up! veteran.
P.R. has also performed at the 2011 Environlution Festival; wrote a collaborated poem titled “Twist the Knife” with the poet Graham Halsey, and has performed at events including Poets Get Mashed, Magical Animals, Stirred, Beatification, Bang Said The Gun: Manchester, Guitar n’ Verse, and Once More With Meaning (which he was a guest compĂ©re at).

He is currently preparing for the start of production of his first independent film "True Colours" and is also the founder of the arts organisation Light In The Dark (founded by himself, the photographer Damien Hayward, and the poet Nadeem Zafar in August 2011). Light In The Dark is an arts organisation unlike any other, run by artists for artists with the aim to get a venue of its own to run as a community-based hub providing a performance platform for artists; they are also a support development source for aspiring artists by providing them with support & development (advice, guidance & PDP’s).

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