Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Poem by Marilyn "Misky" Braendeholm


She staggered
perfumed of gin and lime
toward stoic
candlelight – All that
remained, all that
was left of her plans
for unrestrained romance.

Marilyn 'Misky' Braendeholm lives in the UK surrounded by flowers, grapevines, bubbling pots of sourdough starter, bottles of fermenting vinegar, a Springer Spaniel, and a small camera that she keeps in her pocket. She never buys clothing without pockets.
Misky’s poetry and flash fiction are at and Misky Cooks at


  1. Misky, you amaze me with your diversity. What wonderful words--stoic candlelight and unrestrained romance! Love it :-)

  2. Misky, your diversity of talent is amazing! Love this--stoic candlelight and unrestrained romance :-)

  3. You did it again, didn't you, Misky. You just had to go and add to your repertoire. Well, since I'm here anyway, chagrined at not being able to replicate your range, I'll tell you how much I enjoy this one--both in image and impression.

    Excellent job, my friend.