Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two Poems by John Kross

A Frigid Woman

Beware the frigid woman
who can lean upon the stars
but never gather light
or comprehend heat.

She hides what to reveal
would turn her lover’s eyes away,
the scars her daddy left,
the guilt thrown at the pews,
the touch of too many,
the touch of too few.

For strangers she
will fly the moon, for you
she comes home tired
to sleep on nails.

A master of conditional love
she heaps her baggage on the ones
who love her most,
the only truth she breathes.

She never goes to where
you'd take her

she only commits to

and stacks of Bibles do nothing
to bring forth truth

I tell you this much

the light across the dawn is more
than just the sun
and everything you give her
will rust.


20 years felt more like if
she slowed the Earth’s rotation with
the magnetic malfunction of her moral compass.
John Kross is an aspiring poet living and working in Dallas,Texas.  He has been published here several times at "Napalm and Novocaine" August 2012 and at "The Mind(less) Muse" August 2012.
You can read most of John's work and interact with him as himself at

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