Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two Poems by Gabrielle Petitto

I would
If I could, I would turn it back to the day it all began
I was young and you had it all figured out.
If I could, I would call you up
let you know how you've destroyed me.
If I could, I would have never fallen in love with
those eyes.
If I could, I would die
 in your arms
rather than be without you now.
If I could, I would stab a knife right through the center of
 your heart.
I would watch you die like a bird fighting to live
and fly,
as I have every day since I left.
If I could, I would have made you come after me.
If I could, I would send pins and needles down
your spine--
make your body shake, make your blood shiver.
If I could, I would be your first.
I would be your last.
I would be every breath you inhale,
every sigh you exhale,
every promise that you break.
If I could, I would be your only hope
to a life worth living.
If I could, I would be a drug,
get inside of you- kill your brain cells,
be an addiction so that you can't think.
Don't look now-- but baby, your alone.
I guess we all die
broken hearts.
If I could, I would.
What Do They Know
Nightfall sweeps
and we close our doors.
Inadequate love is our illusion.
A scapegoat and a sacrifice
deters the panic of this
forbiiden love.
You watch as I
stumble away--
to an ordinary life of rationality.
I'd like to see you
grativate to what I call, my reality.
Exhiliration flies through my rosy red cheeks
and flourishes into this dampening night air--
I scratch at my head,
I claw at my skin,
I erase myself as every passionate strand of hair is ripped out
for the glory of reason
to do
what they tell us
is right. 
Gabrielle Petitto graduated from Plattsburgh State University with her bachelors in English Literature and Business.  In 2011, Gabrielle completed her Masters in English Literature with hopes of publishing her work which includes poetry, fiction, and memoir writing. She has a strong passion for travel and adventure, but for now Gabrielle's home is in Long Island, NY, where she writes in her spare time and enjoys her career as a Staffing Manager for Robert Half International. 

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