Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two Poems by Agholor Leonard Obiaderi


She lost his wounds
stole their anguished wet lips.

She found love in blood,
goddess of purity like
heart-breaking desire.

She kissed his feet wiped
his face dark lustrous hair.

Blood was the sacrifice,
furnace-burnished trust.
Her love must be true.


The flat still smelled of her
perfume. The coffee cup

held a red-crescent,
a lipstick memory of her

which formed a full moon
in happier times. Desire burned
the fiercest

when the moon acquired a
lover’s round lips of ecstasy.
Mannerisms hovered in the air

like a cologne: the way
she threw her head back
to laugh at your scented jokes:

the way dimples formed moon
craters on her
cheeks: the method of

her smile that flashed silver
even in the sun’s glare. But
most of all, the way she thrust

deeply into you
piercing, moaning then
leaving you marooned,

to stare at her dissolving

Agholor Leonard Obiaderi lives in Nigeria. He loves poetry and crime novels though he has no criminal friends. He has been featured as poet of the week in Poetry Super-Highway and Wild Violet Literary Magazine. His poems have been published in Storm Cycle Anthology of Kindofahurricane Press.

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