Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Poem by Alessandra Mascarin


When the last trickle will have covered the scarlet skin
When the last flame will have rained into grey dust
When my flavour will not wear the memory of your fingers anymore

I will have lost also the last love


And at the end
of such immensity
what remains is just a hole

Inside there is a song,
a blast of wind
and a piece of sea

Alessandra Mascarin is an Italian lady of 22 currently living in the UK.
She has recently graduated in Foreign languages and literatures - English and Spanish - and her strongest passion, developed mostly in the last two years, is writing poetry.
She usually writes her works in Italian, translating her best into English and Spanish.
She is also interested in body psychology, modern art and travelling to enter in contact with new worlds, realities and cultures.
She is looking for a future in the literary world, from the creative writing to the translation field.

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