Friday, August 23, 2013

A Poem by Les Merton

Yesterday, Today and Last Summer
Their argument came out of shadows
so heated it left scorch marks,
notes of pain so well scored, yesterday’s
finale was their swan song.
Today, back in out-grown bedrooms,
childhood memorabilia is no consolation.
Once shared music plucks at heart-strings
their song played over and over…
last summer, shaded words filtered
the ultraviolet air as they sunbathed.
Long love-ins, tender words enhanced
by their song, in tune, marking time
letting their love bring them together.
At the age of seventeen, Les Merton was a film extra in Michael Winner’s film The System (USA The Girl Getters), the director advise him that if he wanted to write successfully, he should write about things he knew about and had experienced. Since that time Les Merton has had a lifetime of experiences, many of which provided inspiration for his writing.
He has 20 books to his credit and he has won numerous writing awards. His poetry has been published in magazines in the following countries: Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cornwall, Cyprus, Eire, England, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, USA. He also has had many poems published online and in anthologies.

During his writing career Les has also appear on: ITV’s That Sunday Night Show, BBC TV Spotlight News, and the following Radio Stations: BBC Radio Bristol, Duchy Hospital Radio, BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Radio 4, Pirate FM, BBC Radio Five Live, Penwith Radio, St Austell Bay Radio, Redruth Community Radio and ABC Radio Canberra, Australia. He enjoys performing and has given readings all over the UK and in Ndola Zambia.


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