Friday, November 8, 2013

A Poem by Shaquana Adams

You were Chris McCandless, 
but I didn't like the wild.
It's far too unpredictable and consequently,
I've been stranded in rain's unforgiving storm.
But I wanted you, so I went anyway.

You were Jack Sparrow,
Fuck the Black Pearl, 
who knows what you were after...
I took my point hat,
stood by your side,
and drank to the pirates life.

You were Jack from Titanic
A few meetings and you were mine.
But we were from two different worlds...
“Where to miss?”
“To the stars.”
And we sank.

Shaquana Adams is a graduate of Francis Marion University. She has been published in several literary magazines and journals such as The Snow Island Review, The Bicycle Review, Dead Snakes, Twenty Something Press, and The World of Myth. Outside of poetry, she enjoys yoga, crocheting, and reading novels in her spare time

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