Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Poem by Ken L. Jones

Upside Down On A Drowsy Afternoon

We kissed beneath a chocolate Ferris wheel
As the sound of strange exotic
Interplanetary musical instruments wafted through the air
Two sets of lips met for the first time
And then the sky exploded
Into a Busby Berkley fever dream
Filtered thought the hot jazz of
The Fleischer Brothers
Riot of colors and starlight
In animated form

All of this beauty is slowly going away
Blown apart like a dandelion
As it meets a lawn mower blade
But remembered like the
Firework stands of the Fourth of July
But its all going fast
And I can only save fragments of it
And how long will that last?

I listen to the wind’s voice
And it sounds like it has had a stroke
And I realize how fast all of this
Can be brought to a halt
I decline in the sky like a bird
Vanishing into transparency
And my last thoughts tell me
Once again that you were
My weakest of moments
That you were like kryptonite to me
But would I do anything different
Funny you should ask
Though the whole thing crucified me
It was a tasty repast
And I deserved much of
What I got but not everything for sure
And what our flesh produced in merging
Brought forth frankincense and myrrh 
I know that you hate and love me too
And in my more pastoral moments
I feel the same about you
You deserve to have someone
More devoted to you than I
Someone who would have built
A whole universe around you
But I’m not that guy
I had things to do
That you never quite understood
And what I’ve left behind
Will last longer than petrified wood
And yet try to ignore it as I might
I remember the night
Oh my dear savior
I remember the night. 

Ken L. Jones has written everything from Donald Duck comic books to dialogue for the Freddy Krueger movies for the past thirty plus years.  In the last three years he has gained great notice for his vast publication of horror poetry which has appeared in many anthology books, blogs, magazines and websites and especially in his first solo book of poetry Bad Harvest and Other Poems.  He is also publishing recently in the many fine anthology poetry books that Kind of a Hurricane Press is putting out.

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