Saturday, February 1, 2014

Three Poems by Joanna M. Weston

Never Again Hand in Hand
from the fir a whisper
the click of the answering machine

the mutations of a glacier
his girl wore running shoes

tangled spears of grass hay fields
wind takes the veil from her head

feathers strewn across the carpet
these letters written years ago

we are better strangers than friends
initials carved on a fence post

a crow drops twigs on the roof
phone call from another continent

What We Can Forget

a hammer to the mirror
and our memories shatter

five-finger exercises sharpen
her broken nails to pencils

eyes shaded from seeing
the way kindling fails fire

the scream of seagulls
with no candle-lit dinner

cuts stitched and bound
after anger’s evening

kisses piled into bins
our caresses written in dust

We Made Winter

out of spring
churned cold words
in the room

lit fires
stoked them
with angry logs

against the chill
of our hearts

felt ice on skin
and walked
into the blizzard

JOANNA M. WESTON. Married; has two cats, multiple spiders, a herd of deer, and two derelict hen-houses.  Her middle-reader, ‘Those Blue Shoes', published by Clarity House Press; and poetry, ‘A Summer Father’, published by Frontenac House of Calgary. Her eBooks found at her blog:

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