Monday, May 19, 2014

A Poem by J.J. Campbell

All the Damn Yesterdays
laying naked in
a casket of regret
wondering whose
lips are touching
your soul tonight
all the damn
yesterdays pile
together and are
quietly being set
on fire in my mind
some mistakes
are unforgivable
and no matter how
often the sun rises
the next day
the pain never
ceases to crush
me each damn
it's the stubborn
bastard that lights
the candle in the
window and refuses
to give up hope
old romantics
rarely die with
a smile on their
J.J. Campbell (1976 - ?) lives and writes in Ohio. He's been widely published over the years, most recently at Dead Snakes, ZYX, Nerve Cowboy, The Camel Saloon and Pyrokinection. His most recent collection, Sofisticated White Trash, is available wherever people buy books these days. You can find him most days on his highly entertaining blog, evil delights (

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