Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Poem by Tejan Green Waszak

Distant Dreamers

This bridge crumbles behind me
as I race swiftly to the other side
No time to look back
though in my haste
I dare
to look down at the water
and imagine
a more
honorable battle
ending in the belly of a mammal
whose respect I’ve gained
for my tireless effort
though tragically
this will
in the body
of one with more might
may have a different
I am no match for you
In this complicated game
there is no end
and you are receding
Further and further
some force pushes you out
into the dark
night on night skin
the air
salty suffocation
Mouth agape
requesting answers
there are none
You never dare ask
rejection is looming
You are slipping away
In the silence
your face shines brilliantly
for a moment
there is pleasure
a chance
to study you
In another city we could be strangers
we are innocent
Your noble face
could go quite far
in another place
Tejan Green Waszak is a New York based writer, educator and doctoral student. She received an MFA in Creative  Writing from Long Island University and a BA in Journalism from Hunter College. She can often be found consulting with writers about their work in the writing center of Columbia University.

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