Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Two Poems by Miki Byrne

I Could if I Wanted to

On the day my final decree flopped on the doormat,
dead, flat as the marriage it ended, I went to Plymouth.
Spent four hours chicketty-chacking on a rocking train.
Heard mumble-voiced announcement of Cheltenham Spa,
Bristol Temple Meads.  Exeter St. David's.
Gathered old friends on arrival.  Roared in glorious freedom
round The Hoe, Barbican, dockside pubs.
Collected stray Marines on drink-soaked skirmishing leave,
delighted to join forces.  We dangled our feet over a stone jetty.
Spaced man, woman, man, woman like starlings on a ridge tile.
Watched waves wash in.  Saw one of the lads puke,
wipe his mouth with a hand's back.  Yell for more beer.
I eyed the talent.  Allowed wine soaked lust to bubble, ferment
in reckless bonhomie.  Felt the weight of years lift.
Fixed my eye on the handsome quiet one.
Enjoyed the knowledge that I could, if I wanted.


After he left, followed his own dreams,
the narrow-boat changed.  Became hers alone.
It's comfort doubled.  Wrapped around her.
Became a haven of solitude set in miles of green.
A moat on one side, on the other,
a drawbridge raised at will.
Lap of water against hull soothed.
Fires roar comforted.
The cabins steel-sided strength bled into her.
No-one could intrude.  Peace was a strong arm
about her shoulders.  Healing, holding her upright.
Thoughts loosened from the screaming knots
they had twisted into.  Spread out in ripples
like the shining green water.
Untangled, floated ahead--in a new path.
Enticing to follow.

Miki Byrne has written three poetry collections, had work included in over 120 poetry magazines and anthologies and won prizes for her poetry.  She has read on both Radio and TV, judged poetry competitions and was a finalist for Poet Laureate of Gloucestershire.  Her latest collection, Flying Through Houses, is available now from Indigo Dreams Publishing.  Miki is disabled and lives near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK.

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