Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Two Poems by Stefanie Bennett


     "Everybody knows that the dice are loaded,
     Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed"

                                   -- L. Cohen & S. Robinson

He said, 'I lend you love'
Which meant - "Lease," -
The aftertaste
Of lips
On spent tourmaline.

The attache of indifference
Doesn't come
To terms
With chancery -
Doesn't see
The meteor fall

Or how she aggregates
The delicate
Architecture of a leaf . . .

The Numbers

It wasn't perfect, we did not
Go down
In flames
Or fly
The cerebral kite
On shores
Less foreign.

Drifting, interfused
With twists
Of fallibility,
And Gitanes
Tasting like
Corn syrup - we

Read Ferlinghetti's
City Lights,
The last bus
To 'specifics'
That didn't add up

And an end that
Never was.

Stefanie Bennett has published eighteen books of poetry and poems online; Boston Poetry, The New Verse News, Poetry24, and others.  Of mixed ancestry (Italian/Irish/Paugussett-Shawnee) she was born in Townsville, Qld, Australia in 1945.  Stafanie's new poetry title "The Vanishing" is due at year's end from Walleah Press.

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