Thursday, February 18, 2016

Three Poems by J.J. Campbell

patiently waiting

i pick up the phone
but i never hit any

i know no matter
what i could say

you have moved

and it's not that i
lost some amazing
chance at the
woman of my

it's that you never
took the time to
realize what was
patiently waiting
for you on the
other end of the

star crossed
and lost

oh my beautiful

what could have

the sad realization

whispers behind
long bangs and
wild eyes

suddenly the sad
realization that
i'm not cool
enough anymore
for whispers

the pretty girls
only chuckle
as you get older

sweet lips and my broken heart

old memories of
your sweet lips
and my broken

the sad thoughts
of telling the love
of my life goodbye

these old bones
still wish it could
have been different

but i'm sure deep
down i know it
wasn't meant to

that doesn't make
up for all these lost
years of loneliness

the nights of driving
by all our old places
and thinking what
woman are you with

haunted by the
cruelty of reality


fuck you

J.J. Campbell is old enough to know better.  He's currently trapped in suburbia, slowly going insane.  He's been widely published over the last 20 years, most recently at Dead Snakes, Horror Sleaze Trash, Yellow Mama, Mad Swirl, and Your One Phone Call.  You can find him most days waxing poetic at his highly entertaining blog, evil delights.

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