Friday, July 6, 2012

A Poem by Madhuchhanda Karmaker

Platonic Love......

Lazing at the spoils of life
Tugged between regrets of
Lost yesterdays and
Sky scraped tomorrows
Few drops of coffee
Drifts from cup to lips
Covering the blanket with fear
Lest the weakness of human flesh
Is revealed
The morning fog runs in the street
Selling stolen dreams to Plato
Alluring him to repent
For not getting drenched
In the rains
When heaven cried
As sheets turn wet
Taunts memory
Forgetting to remind season
The reason that made
The flowers go dry
Silently Plato prays
As the poisoned republic sigh…

Madhuchhanda Karmakar , completed her masters in business management from university of Calcutta, India. She was working as a research associate at National Institute Of Management, Calcutta(NIMC),India . Currently she is working as a lecturer in human resource management and organizational behavior at Army Institute Of Management, Kolkata, India. She has the necessary corporate exposure, which helps her to apply her academic skills in real time business solutions.

Her current research are includes human resource management, knowledge management,application of chaos and complextity concepts in management.

She didn't move on to specialize in English literature though; she loves to play with words. She is influenced by surrealistic style of unstructured writings. Her writings come from a personal trajectory, rather than following any prescribed canonical structure. They have a range of viewpoints, mainly from a point of view of a female protagonist, within the realm of fantasy genre.

One of her poem CLEOPATRA has been accepted for publication in the MUSE FOR WOMEN ANTHOLOGY (Maiden edition), which will be released June 30, 2012, and ten of her poems have been selected for publication in Indian Literature , Sahitya Academy , New Delhi , September 2012.

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