Monday, October 1, 2012

A Poem by Agholor Leonard Obiaderi

A note on the dining
where you shared meals, love,
A bomb detonated the moment
you read the barbed words:
Sorry, I had to leave this
You race to his bedroom, his last
retreat before the war.
His wardrobe is a virgin
again: no clothes, shoes,
ties, all gone.
Your tears flow through
all the rooms more voluminous
than the twins: River Niger
and River Benue.
This cemetery is now
yours. Eat its deep
silence. You search
the horizon for answers but
as you stretch out your
hand even near objects seem
to slide farther away.
AGHOLOR LEONARD OBIADERI holds a Bachelor's degree in the English Language.He lives in Delta State, Nigeria. He loves poetry, crime novels and wrestling videos. He has been featured as poet of the week in Poetry Super-Highway and Wild Violet Literary Magazine.

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