Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Poem by James Diaz

There is a Certain Gap in What has Been Lost
Our love is like a coffee-table,
Because first 
you will not know why
remember that there is comfort 
in your shins
that your labor is low
and distinct objects
have bruised this way before.
Trace with your voice
how it searches
knowing no one's name
in this room
where better days have gone to die,
I send you a poem of function
as nothing in our world does anymore.
Tripped by wire-
the unrecognized marriage
of materials
a less well lit place
this designation
bad party night- vomit on floor
or just the truth of the moment
either way
there is no jump start
for such a loss.
James Diaz lives in New York. His poems have been published in Ditch, Collective Exile, Orion Headless, The Kitchen Poet and most recently in Red Fez.

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