Monday, March 17, 2014

A Poem by Les Merton

By the Bye

By chance,
they met
at the bus stop.
The weather,
was the topic
as they waited,
in the rain,
for the bus
that never came.

By choice,
they agreed
to share a taxi.
Their homes
were in the same area.
During the journey
they became better acquainted.

By coincidence,
they met again
later that same night.
As they queued
for a pizza take away.

By mutual consent,
they went Dutch
on a bottle of wine.
Choosing the nearest
of their flats,
to dine together.

By the time
they had wined, dined
and enjoyed a smoke,
they realized how
attracted to each other
they were.

By the morning,
they knew it was
an unforgettable experience.

"Bye for now,"
they said in unison.
they would never
see each other again.

Author, poet, editor Les Merton likes to enjoy the time retirement brings by writing.  In 2013, he did a three book deal with Bradwell Books of Sheffield, two of these books, Cornish Dialect and Cornish Ghosts, have been published and can be purchased from

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