Monday, November 3, 2014

Two Poems by Rehan Qayoom

I Should Have Known

We met
When the snows were melting from the mountain-tops
When the cherry-tree's first buds were in bloom
The entire park heralded the coming of spring with its sweet fragrance
The nightingale had just begun to sing
We strolled
Arm in arm
In cherry blossom-strewn streets
Catching at butterflies and glow-worms until
The rain came to join us
Like a dear friend

The day the first leaf fell from the trees
I bent down to pick it up
Turned around
Saw you were gone!
Now I collect my tears in broken leaf-images
I should have known our time together
Was to last
As long as spring did.

In a Way We Are All Dr. Faustus

In a way
We are all Dr. Faustus
Some barter their souls
For pleasure's sake
And some under blackmail or duress
Some pawn their eyes
To begin trading in dreams
Others are led to mortgage their entire mind-set
It has only to be seen
What currency is in circulation
So according to an estimate of the Wall Street of life
Among those who can afford to buy, sell or invest
Self respect is a popular commodity!

Rehan Qayoom is a poet, editor and translator from London.  Qayoom writes poetry in both English and Urdu and has appeared in numerous literary publications and anthologies.

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