Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Poem by Anna Habryn

No Melodrama

you said we'd have so many nights

don't count the nights
because for me time disappears with sunset
I count days
absences concealments
looks and thoughts I can only guess

I had to go as you were teaching me
the rules of melodrama


as a bear in a snare I've bitten off my paw
it hurts
the silent phone
the hungry letter-box
yet I am free
the reason holds my heart in its tight fist

no hard look will ever reach me
no unwanted word
no prospective blow
I did not give you time to create a hell
my own design for it is perfect

apart from this improper tear
I cannot help

Anna Habryn lives in Huntingdale, WA.  She has her poetry and short stories published locally and in Europe as she writes in two languages, Polish being her native tongue.  Apart from the five collections of poetry published so far, Anna writes for theater and had three of her plays successfully staged by various theater groups.

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