Sunday, January 3, 2016

Three Poems by Laura LeHew

Chaff v. Catalyst

lust creates its own demands          abrasive silences
move thru time          destined for more points of view
he's her hard drive         starting with yes ending always with no

she barely registers his existence          loves him uninterrupted or not at all
the wildness of his hair          a cheap Merlot lacking intensity
she is the space between his palm and her skin        re-making history

figuring it out          love comes with nothing
shadows of reality            you cannot know yourself
the cost of bullets          when we were broken

I Hate Your Maybe More

I would rototiller your cubic zirconia ass
slide rule your pancake until it was in tangles
barricade my tachometer from your strap-on armada
to poof past boulevard after boulevard of broken dreams
go ahead & warble away you egalitarian forgery
you slicked up, shellacked Sir Lancelot
natter natter obfuscate all that is the matter
I see a nice heavy Skee ball headed
directly at your snout

Like an RFID tattoo

etched into me
the rhythm of our discourse
buried memories
he changes my password--
Embrace Change
(names and places are fictional)
& weighted down by cats, sister
the house in the city he said he wanted too
but never really did
live in an enigma
rounding the angularities
of my oft-used change is good--
things happen for a reason mantra
as he lies in bed alone
in the middle of the night
& the rest is secret
what he is was disloyal
a ruthless quarantine
viewer discretion is advised
I have a cache of AK-47
selective fire rifles, intermediate cartridges
& detachable magazine clips

I ache to be the open bridge

Laura LeHew collections include Willingly Would I Burn, It's Always Night, It Always Rains and Beauty.  Laura edits her small press, Uttered Chaos, knows nothing of gardens or gardening but is well versed in the cultivation of cats.

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