Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Poem by Tom Hatch

X Love 2012

Carved into a wooden bench overlooking
The pastoral view of forever lust could be into love
B+N in a heart “forever” 2012 fresh cut

The view unsustained telescopic souls
Scratched bold X bruised love
Through the middle of the heart
B+N did not make it into 2013

The morning young dew
Fills the shallow cut
It is the view that they
Are easily suckered into a carved
Tongued by small pocket knife
When she was mine she looked so good
In the country fairy light

Next morning on a Manhattan street
Leaning on the trash heap dog pissed
Stained discarded head board
Carved very deep and six inches
Large on the right side of the bed
IGNOR ME dug in with a bayonet
A solider of lost loves battlefield
The bloody sirens blare
Heard I'm sure by B+N somewhere

Tom Hatch paid his dues in the SoHo art scene in the 70s, 80s and 90s. He was awarded two NEA grants for sculpture back then. And taught at various colleges and universities in the NYC metro area in art. He is a regular at The Camel Saloon and BoySlut. He had recently published The Mind[less] Muse. He lives in CT with a few farms up and down the road works in Manhattan. His train ride to and from NYC is his solace, study and den where it all begins and ends.

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