Monday, April 8, 2013

Two Poems by Shaquana Adams

A word of poetry, a touch of your cheek,
every syllable, a sensation,
I kiss you, and love has words,
Slipping. Truth. Boil.
I feel the scar on your face.
No. Stop. In past.
Straight hair, in my hands and everywhere,
Never. No more.
If we made love I might explode.
Slipping. Reach.... Remember.
Time. Slipping
In and out
In and out
In and out
In and out
of my mind...

Mourning Darien


One week, no two

How long has it been?

Oh yes,

One week, six days and 5 hours


I had to say goodbye

I had to.

It was not my choice

I would have fought

Until my heart stopped beating

But I would have fought

And lost

And my heart would still be beating

Too bad for me

I’m mourning Darien

The man I love is gone

That’s all that needs to be said

He’s gone from me

And I don’t know how to mourn.

Should I consider him dead?

And the man walking the earth is a copy

Should I consider him on vacation?

With no return trip

Should I consider him imaginary?

Aaladin after the movie ends

No one can tell me

I’ve asked everyone I know

They say I must move on

I know that’s what I have to do

But my question was,

How should I mourn Darien?
Shaquana Adams is a graduate of Francis Marion University. Adams has been writing poetry since she was 12. She enjoys reading, crocheting, and yoga in her spare time.

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